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Takkebrev fra Patrick

on Tue, 05/17/2016 - 21:40

Dear Friends,

Today I take this few minutes to put down a few words to you.

It has taken quite some time but finally it happened. Our school has light powered by solar energy. Personally I would have wished to write an individual letter to each of you for your contribution towards this selfless gesture to light up our school. This in itself will open many opportunities for the learning of the children in the school and the community as whole especially in the adult learning.

Now we can use computers in the school thus opening new frontier in the school and its environs in the world of ICT.

As I put these words down I am an extremely happy head teacher and I know the community is very thrilled indeed for this achievement. If I want to write it will be endless thus in these very few words I and everyone I work with register their appreciation for your generous donation towards this achievement. Thank you very much for now over 800 pupils, their teachers, and the entire community can access clean energy they don't have to pay for every month..

Thank you again and again.

Yours sincerely .